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Fencing provides the much needed security and privacy we would like for our households. In addition to that, wood fencing particularly, could provide the property or home along with its surrounding landscape a beautiful look of antique charm to complete the look. Thank you for Googling Expert Cedar Fencing Installation Eastridge ON


Wood fences are available in several different designs and styles and wood materials. You might want to remember though, that choosing the best design and style for a wood fence depends largely on two key factors which a homeowner is often aiming for. The primary aspect to consider will be the form, or visual appeal. The second is the useful functionality, or the fundamental purpose of why you’re putting up a fence to begin with.


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Depending on the homeowner’s objective as well as the style of the house itself, wood fences will often fulfil the need for both form and functionality. For example, if the primary goal would be to add more privacy or to expand the overall look to your property, there are plenty of wood fence products which can handle these goals.


For other individuals, the decision isn’t really so plain and simple. When endeavoring to provide as much security as it can to your house, a metal or stone fence may be a better option considering all things. Even when a wood fence may be a more effective complement for the style of your household.


fences and fencing ottawa on


Qualified Wood Fence Design and Form

Purchase the model of wood fence which will best fit the structure and model of your property together with the overall landscaping design. Listed below are the principle wood fence styles plus the property layouts where they would provide the most improvement.

Picket-style fences

This style of fence offers you lovely charm. They are usually best suited for cottage-style houses and people with landscape design inclined towards English home or garden concepts. Picket-style fences also come in a range of choices, which include dog-ear spaced picket, French gothic spaced picket, along with the pointed top spaced picket.

Split-rail wood fences

Just the thing for a country feel, ranch-style households and others that have Southwest landscaping engineering. The best wood for your split-rail style fencing is Eastern White, Northern White or Western Red cedar wood.

Log wood fence

This approach shows the genuine appeal of wood and perfectly suits real estate furnished with a country style. While many are installed as vertical panels, horizontals log panels are not uncommon.


fences and fencing ottawa on

Qualified Wood Fence Design & Functions

Wood fencing may be a good choice for aesthetics but wood fences perform two key features. The first is privacy and the next is longevity.

Stockade fence

 While using the wood slats vertically aligned without spaces in between, stockade fence is probably the most appropriate wood fence pattern when your plan is to enjoy complete privacy.

Solid board fence

Solid board fencing is also a great design option to provide a looky-loo barrier from onlookers. Additionally, it serves as a very good noise buffer and also provides some extent of home security to boot. To get a more appealing finish, your solid board fencing could be combined with lattice at the top.

Lattice fencing

Lattice fences are a very popular option for fences that offer a bit of privacy but then provide for lots of air flow and light simultaneously. Lattice slats might be organized diagonally for the purpose of diamond shaped designs, but can also be applied vertically and horizontally for making square shaped slots.


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