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Fencing can bring about the required privacy and security we want for our homes. In addition to that, wood fences particularly, can also offer the house along with its surrounding landscaping a nice look of traditional charm to finish the overall look. Thanks for finding Quality Cedar Fence Braemar Park Ontario


Wood fences can be bought in a variety of styles and designs and wood options. You’ll want to consider though, that deciding on the best model for a wood fence will depend on mainly on two fundamental details that a owner of a house can be aiming for. The first is the form, or visual appeal. The other factor will be the functionality, or the main motive of why you are putting up a fence to start with.


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Depending on property owner’s end goal and the style of the home itself, wood fences can sometimes fulfil the need for both design and functionality. For example, if the primary objective is to increase privacy or expand the appearance to your property, there are many different wood fence designs and styles which will address these considerations.


For some individuals, the decision will not be so clear-cut. When trying to offer you as much security as possible to the home, a metal or stone fence may be a better option considering all things. Even if a wood fence may well be a better match for the style of your household.


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Qualified Wood Fence Designs and Form

Go for the kind of of wood fence that would best complement the style and structure of the home together with the primary landscaping. The following are the principle wood fence models as well as the property layouts where they’d get the most appearance.

Picket-style fencing

This method of fencing generates stylish charm. They may be best suited for cottage-style dwellings and those with landscaping design leaning to English garden themes. Picket-style fences can be purchased in several different styles, including dog-ear spaced picket, French gothic spaced picket, as well as the pointed top spaced picket.

Split-rail wood fencing

Excellent for a country look, ranch-style households and others with Southwest landscaping decor. The finest wood for the split-rail style fence is Eastern White, Northern White or Western Red cedar wood.

Log wood fencing

This approach shows the genuine allure of wood and typically complements dwellings built with a rustic theme. Even though many will be installed as vertical panels, horizontals log panels are not unusual.


fences and fencing ottawa on

Licensed Wood Fencing Models & Function

Wood fencing is usually a wise decision for its natural beauty but wood fences provide two crucial functions. The very first is privacy and the other is sturdiness.

Stockade fencing

 When using the wood slats vertically arranged while avoiding spaces between, stockade fence is about the most suitable wood fence pattern if your goal will be to get complete privacy.

Solid board fences

Solid board fencing can be another quality layout alternative to supply a sight barrier from observers. Additionally it operates as a solid sound barrier and also brings you some degree of security at the same time. To acquire a more appealing finish, your solid board fences might be used in combination with lattice on top.

Lattice fencing

Lattice fences are a favorite option for fences which provide some kind of privacy but also allow a little air and natural light at the same time. Lattice slats can be laid out diagonally for diamond shaped themes, but can also be installed vertically and horizontally to generate square shaped holes.


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